How Will You TravelTomorrow? Share Your Ideas

How Will You TravelTomorrow? Share Your Ideas

Madrid, Spain, April 10, 2020 / / Where next for tourism? For now, we stay at home. But we will travel again. And when we do, we will do so more consciously, more sustainably and with a greater feeling of solidarity than ever before.

As we look to the future, UNWTO wants to hear from the people who really make a difference – the tourists who travel for adventure, for education, for sustainable development and to be inspired and to inspire others.

How will you travel tomorrow? And how do you think tourism will change after COVID-19? We want to hear your thoughts!

Submit a short video and the best will be shared among UNWTO’s Members and followers worldwide.


Maximum duration 15 seconds.
• If your message is in a language other than English, French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic, please provide an English transcription.
• Upload on wetransfer or any similar file sharing platform
• Email to by Friday, 17 April.

Tips for recording

Choose the location

• Avoid filming against the light.
• Make sure you look good in a horizontal frame.
• Make sure there is not much shadow falling on your face.

Prepare yourself

Embrace trial & error and film your message more than once! The first take is often good for warming up and building up confidence.


• Make sure the settings of the phone are set at the highest quality possible.
• Make sure your hand doesn’t cover the microphone of the phone
• Wait 5 seconds before and after you stop/start speaking to stop/start filming.


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• Except where expressly stated, the videos posted on the UNWTO’s website and associated social-media platforms represent the views of their respective authors and not necessarily those of UNWTO.

• Under no circumstances shall the UNWTO be liable for the content of such videos messages. The participant hereby represents and warrants that he/she is the author of video message submitted to #UNWTO Travel Tomorrow and shall defend and hold UNWTO harmless from any action, claim, loss, damage, liability and/or expense arising from or connected to the infringement of intellectual property rights and personal data with respect to the material submitted.”