Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable Hosted by Ministry of Energy

Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable Hosted by Ministry of Energy

Bangkok (Thailand) – October 24, 2017 ( – The Ministry of Energy of Thailand has the honor to be the host of the 7th ASIAN Ministerial Energy Roundtable (AMER7), which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on 1-3 November 2017. This prestigious biennial event will be a platform for 36 Energy Ministers from energy producing and consuming countries in Asia and 20 Heads of leading International Organizations to meet and discuss the energy security implications of potential energy market transition pathways through comprehensive policy dialogue. AMER7 shall ultimately underpin the development of the increasingly complex and dynamic relationships between energy producers and consumers in Asia and beyond. Varieties of visions and implications of energy markets, natural gas, renewable energy transition with advanced technology options are subject to be expressed in hoping these could advance the Asian future energy landscapes.

H.E. Gen. Anantaporn Kanjanarat, Minister of Energy of Thailand revealed that “the 7th ASIAN Ministerial Energy Roundtable (AMER7) hosted by the Ministry of Energy of Thailand will take place in Bangkok, at Shangri-la hotel, from 1 – 3 November 2017. In this milestone meeting, Honorable Energy Ministers throughout Asia will meet to discuss the energy security implications of potential energy transition pathways focusing on global energy markets in transition: from vision to action. The AMER will serve as one of the biggest international platform for energy producers and energy consumers to share views and highlight the focus and interest in three main aspects: oil markets, gas markets, and disruptive technologies”.

This gathering will discuss the issues with update on current energy situation in Asia especially oil market and its impacts. How global issues and challenges influence oil markets in ASIA. For example, extensive agglomeration and closer cooperation among OPEC member countries and the recent unrest in many parts of the world that may effecting oil price.

As for gas market, the session will discuss current LNG development. Nowadays, LNG markets is being developed in a broader of market segment. Moreover, the development of LNG pricing index will make LNG markets getting more closer to oil market. Hence AMER7 will provide a floor of policy dialogue between exporting economies such as Western Asian Countries and energy importing economies such as China, Japan, Korea and ASEAN member countries to discuss and explore the way forward towards more secure, stable and sustainable future for both oil and gas market.

Last but not least, the AMER7 will look into the importance of the spread of disruptive energy technologies inevitably from fossils to cleaner and renewable energy. Certainly, the current trend is moving towards green energy while technology in the energy sector nowadays is evolving as its consequence. Highlights are the rise of Solar Rooftop, Electric Vehicle uses and Energy Storage System development. Today’s critical challenge is to ensure the momentum of such innovative energy technology and its transformation and to speed its progress.Participating countries will benefit from this session, For example Thai government continuously plays a role in ensuring predictable, long-term support in all stages of innovation to cope with future disruptive technology. Thailand is one of a few countries in Asia that has an explicit development of such a disruptive technology policy.

“Once again, the Government of Thailand is pleased to host this prestigious biennial event, which is a key feature of the global energy dialogue promoted under the neutral banner of the International Energy Forum (IEF). It is not only a forum for cooperating and sharing either vision or trends on energy situation across Asia but also for strengthening image of Thailand Integrated Energy Blue Print (TIEB). Currently, Thailand has been recognized to be the Leader of ASEAN in Renewables Energy and Energy Efficiency. Thailand has an effective and predictable energy strategies and policies with clear goals and targets under Thailand‘s Energy 4.0 policy and Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint (TIEB). Therefore, this is a great honor for all Thais as a host to welcome all Asian Ministers, Delegates, participants and guests to Thailand to attend the AMER7”, as stated by H.E. Minister of Energy of Thailand.

Background of AMER:
The purpose of the ASIAN Ministerial Energy Roundtable or AMER is to discuss on energy Future between the energy producing countries and the energy consuming countries in Asia. The key discussions are the current energy situation, the future of energy supply and demand, the challenges of energy security emphasizing on oil and natural gas, and the implications for energy efficiency and sustainability. The 3rd AMER took place in Tokyo, Japan from 25-27 April 2009, Minister of Energy of Thailand accepted the invitation of the meeting to be the co-host with the government of Qatar for the 6th AMER, and to be the host of the 7th AMER which is co-hosted by United Arab Emirates.

In the 6th AMER in Doha, Qatar from 7-10 November 2015, Minister of Energy of Thailand H.E.Gen Anantaporn Kanjanarat was the head of delegation of Thailand as invited by Minister of Energy and Industry of Qatar H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Salen Al-Sada, The upcoming of the 7th AMER hosted by Thailand in Bangkok will be held in Bangkok from 1-3 November 2017.